A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In Time Warrior you play as a time lord of time lordness who has the magical Time Blade as his main weapon, you somehow got stuck inside a dungeon of sorts, and must defend yourself against wiggly arm dudes.
Get to the top of the leaderboards, survive for as long as you can! With increasing difficulty depending on your kill streak, what's the highest score you can get?

This game was made in 3 Days for GamesPlusJam #1!

Thank you to 'Marshallkyu' for play testing the game to make sure there weren't any game breaking bugs that caused the game to be unplayable.

And thank you to 'LucasTheLoser' for making the music for the game.

Programs Used For Development
Game Engine; Unity

Art; Aseprite

Code; Visual Studio 2017 (Comes with new Unity versions)

Sound FX; bfxr

Music; Bosca Ceoil


Time Warrior Windows Build 4 (x86, x64) 15 MB
Time Warrior Mac OSX Build 4 (x86, x64) 17 MB
Time Warrior Linux Build 4 (x86, x64) 18 MB

Development log


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Hello! Really enjoyed your game, its kind of addictive! I review games from Itch and included your game in this weeks episode, I hope you don't mind!