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Ritual Slaughter!

In this game, Lucifer is trying to destroy the world, and the worlds only hope is you- or are you in it for just the power gained? You must sacrifice parts of game mechanics to summon Lucifer, making it more difficult to defeat him, once he is dead, the world is saved, and you can do whatever with your newly gained power.. just don't let it get to your head..


Keyboard and mouse will only work- Controller will not properly work.

Movement - W,A,S,D

Attacking - LMB & RMB (Left click and right click)

Interact - E


Credits are in game

I used the Unity game engine, with VSCode (Language: C#)

Used Aseprite and Paint.Net for art (me)

Used Aseprite and PainttoolSAI for art (Nikki)

Music done by me (Not too good with guitar, so it's not the best- was a little low on time)

SFX done by me using BFXR

Guide (just in case)

First get the spraypaint, and go inside the building to the middle and paint the pentagram, then get the bowl and go back in there to place the bowl in the center. then grab the gun, ammo, and blade, and go back inside- make your sacrifices and summon Lucifer- and kill him. get your power, and head to the door at the top of the room


Ritual Slaughter Windows 16 MB
Ritual Slaughter Linux 16 MB
Ritual Slaughter Mac 17 MB

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