Falling Blockz Version 0.0.9 Build 1


-Added a new Options menu

-Added a setting for toggling the scanlines on/off

-Added a setting for toggling FPS counter on/off

-Added a tic that pops up when the player gets the +1 Life powerup that shows on screen to make it more obvious

-Added an Opening screen to emulate an arcade game with an "Insert Coin" message, and a button the user just presses to go to the actual main menu

-Tweaked the Rampage Powerups rarity (its more rare now)

-Tweaked the in-game UI, its now much bigger and more noticable and spaced the buttons a bit

-Tweaked The Games Currency (It’s now SD instead of $) and made it display it on the gameover screen

-Tweaked enemies hitting the ground, they take a life and 1000 score

-Tweaked powerups so when one is active and a block hits the ground the powerups durability loses some

-Tweaked the new update available alert to show the latest version, and it won’t allow the user to play unless they get the latest version (this is so if the new update has an important fix that could be exploited in an older version, they wont be able to exploit it on the old version)

-Tweaked the username system, it wont allow profanity, and will not allow you to have the same name as another player, even if their name is in all caps and yours isnt, if its the same letters/numbers in the same exact order, it wont let you use that name.

-Tweaked the Leaderboard system, it will not upload your highscore if you’re not on the latest version

-Tweaked the achievement Unlocked notification, it now has a sound, and it’s bigger

-Tweaked the upgrades menu, it’s now easier to tell which ones you’ve purchased, and which ones you haven’t.

-Tweaked the Falling block that’s falling onto the title text on the main menu, instead it’s red and has 1 on it, this is because some may get confused and think the 2 meant it was the second game.

-Fixed the achievement unlocked notification not showing above all menus in-game

I am working on a better tutorial system, more enemies, and system that will make the gameplay more fun, but that’s all not finished yet, so this update is mostly fixes/tweaks.

Have a good day!

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